Land Use / Land Cover Changes in the Period of Globalization: Proceedings of the IGU-LUCC International Conference, Prague 2001

Soft Cover, Praha: Geography and Regional Development, 2001. Very Good with No dust jacket as issued.

Square, tight binding. Clean and bright pages. Crease at lower corner, front of wraps and first few pages. Light handling wear. Contents: Himiyama, "Land use/cover change studies in the period of globalization"; Winiwarter & Sonnlechner, "Cultural landscape development in Europe: taking the long view on European history and its landscapes"; Mather, "The reversal of land-use trends: the beginning of the reforestation of Europe"; Bichik & Kupkova, "Long-term changes in land use in Czechia based on the quality of agricultural land"; Jelecek, "Historical development of society and LUCC in Czechia 1800-2000: major societal driving forces of land use changes"; Doucha, "Multifunctionality of the Czech agriculture"; Singh, "Environmental degradation and its impact on land use/land cover changes in agriculturally developed regions of India"; Bai, "The change of swampy wetland in northeast China"; Milanova, Sennikova, Solntsev, Alexeev, Kalutskova, "Methodology of land use/cover study in Russia"; Balazs, Angyan, Podmaniczky, "Evaluation agricultural potentials and environmental sensitivity for sustainable land use planning"; Feranec, Otahel, Pravda, Husar, Cebecauer, "Map presentation of the landscape changes assessment of Slovakia"; Otahel, Ferranec, Suri, Husar, "Land cover of Slovakia: assessment of its changes"; Stepanek, "Czech frontier in the 20th century: major political shifts reflected in changing land use structure"; Kressler, Kastl, Steinnocher, "Monitoring suburban developments from space: an application from the greater Vienna region"; Carr, "A historical trajectory of land use and land cover change in the Sierra de Lacandon National Park, Guatemala"; Kupkova, "Land use as an indicator of the anthropogenic impact on the landscape"; Kolejka, "Czech experience with land use and land cover change research"; Uhlirova, "GIS and old maps as a historical data source for landscape dynamics monitoring: case of model area Jachymov-Bohemia"; Jijengmin, Torii, Otsubo, Sato, "Expansion of town centers in rural areas of Changjiang Delta, Cbina"; Petek, Gabrovec, "A methodology for assessing the change in land use in Slovenia from the viewpoint of sustainable development"; Millward, "Delineation of built-up areas by building proximity: an exploratory analysis"; Tewari, Kulhavy, "Adopting LCCS (land cover classification system, 2000) for South Moravian floodplain, Czech Republic: changes in land cover classes due to river regulation works"; Deng, Sato, "Determination of length-radius dimension of transportation networks inside natural complex boundary"; Hua, Sato, "Land transformation research through the integrated CA model with AHP-derived transition rules: exemplifying the southern part of Jiangsu province, China."; 9.0" (23 cm) tall; 215 pages.

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