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We offer used books, including rare books and out-of-print titles, in many subjects. We have well developed online book lists of scholarly and popular books for sale, especially in:

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A NOTE ABOUT COVID-19:  I engage in safe practices for myself, my family, and my customers.  I work alone in a business located on my property.  There is no walk-in traffic.  I've suspended purchasing inventory off-property; all the inventory you see has been safely located here since before the pandemic.  I practice social distancing, I wash my hands frequently, and except for trips to the post office to ship books and to various stores to purchase essentials that can't be ordered online, I will mostly remain at home and in my home-based business until the pandemic eases.  If you do have concerns about purchasing from Cat's Cradle Books while the COVID-19 pandemic continues, please let me know.  I will be happy to describe my practices when it comes to packing and shipping books. Simply contact me at my email below.