Daedalus: Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Summer 1967 (Volume 96, Number 3): Toward the Year 2000: Work in Progress

Soft Cover, Cambridge, MA: American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1967. Good with No dust jacket as issued.

Square, tight copy with clean, bright pages. General shelfwear to wrappers with darkened spine. Contents: Daniel Bell, "The Year 2000--The Trajectory of an Idea"; Herman Kahn and Anthony J. Wiener, "The Next THirty-Three Years: A Framework for Speculation"; Fred Charles Ikle, "Can Social Predictions Be Evaluated?"; Donald A. Schon, "Forecasting and Technological Forecasting"; Martin Shubik, "Information, Rationality and Free Choice in a Future Democratic Society"; Leonard J. Duhl, "Planning and Predicting: Or What to Do When You Don't Know the Names of the Variables"; Harvey S. Perloff, "Modernizing Urban Development"; Daniel P. Moynihan, "The Relationship of Federal to Local Authorities"; Lawrence K. Frank, "The Need for a New Political Theory"; Stephen R. Graubard, "University Cities in the Year 2000"; Harold Orlans, "Education and Scientific Institutions"; Ernst Mayr, "Biological Man and the Year 2000"; Gardner C. Quarton, "Deliberate Efforts to Control Human Behavior and Modify Personality"; Krister Stendahl, "Religion, Mysticism and the Institutional Church"; Erik H. Erikson, "Memorandum on Youth"; Margaret Mead, "The Life Cycle and Its Variations: The Division of Roles"; Harry Kalven Jr., "The Problems of Privacy in the Year 2000"; George A. Miller, "Some Psychological Perspectives on the Year 2000"; David Riesman, "Notes on Meritocracy"; John R. Pierce, "Communication"; Eugene V. Rostow, "Thinking about the Future of International Society"; Samuel P. Huntington, "Political Development and the Decline of the American System of World Order"; Ithiel de Sola Pool, "The International System in the Next Half Century." Also proceedings of Working Sessions I and II included. 9.0" (23 cm) tall; 372 pages.

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