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The Kenyon Review, Vol. 9, No. 2 (Spring 1947). John Crowe Ransom, Marjorie Grene, Peter Viereck, Peter Taylor, Francis Fergusson, Tony Hecht, Paul Goodman, Muriel Rukeyser, Rosenfeld, Isaac, Hudson D. Walker, Randall Jarrell, Melvin Rader, E. B., Jean Isère, Parker Tyler.

The Kenyon Review, Vol. 9, No. 2 (Spring 1947)

Illustrated by Marsden Hartley; Jacques Lipchitz. Softcover, Gambier, Ohio: Kenyon College, 1947. Good with no dust jacket.

Square, sound binding. Clean but tanned pages. Edge wear and corner creasing to pages, wrappers. Wrappers have general shelf wear, soiling. ; Contents: Marsden Hartley's "Evening Storm, Schoodick, Maine," color lithograph frontispiece tipped in with a note by Robert Goldwater; Grene, "L'Homme Est une Passion Inutile: Sartre and Heidegger"; Viereck, "Now Kindness (verse) "; Taylor, "Allegiance (a story) "; Fergusson, "Action as Passion"; Hecht, "Two Poems"; Goodman, "Kafka's Prayer"; Rukeyser, "Eyes of Night-time (verse) "; Rosenfeld, "The Railroad (a story) "; Walker, "Marsden Hartley"; photograph of the head of Hartley by Lipchitz; Jarrell, "The Rising Sun (verse) "; Rader, "Toward a Definition of Cultural Crisis"; Editors in Person: E. B. , "Little Magazines"; Isère, "Sartre vs. Proust (a communication) "; book reviews; Tyler, "Movie Letter."; Lithograph; photograph; 9.0" tall; 168 pages.

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