Noûs: Nihil philosophicum a nobis alienum putamus. Volume 19, Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 (March, June, September, and December 1985)

Hardcover, Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University, 1985. Very Good with No dust jacket as issued.

Quarterly journal bound in cloth over boards. Binding and hinges sound. Pages clean, bright. Buckram over boards is clean, with very light shelf wear. Gilt lettering on spine. ; Articles: Symposium papers. Grim, Against omniscience: the case from essential indexicals. Zemach, De Se and Descartes: a new semantics for indexicals. Fitch, On the logic of belief. Bonevac, Quantity and quantification. Thomson, Causal priority: a comment. Reinhardt, Absolute versions of incompleteness theorems. Hoy, The green of the self-presenting. Montague, The nature of rights: some logical considerations. Bolton, Spinoza on Cartesian doubt. Freeland, Aristotelian actions. Poncinie, Meaning change for natural kind terms. Leshen, Reason and perception in Hobbes: an inconsistency. Ross and Hubin, Newcomb's perfect predictor. Lewis, Substitutional quantification and nonstandard quantifiers. Wessels, Locality, factorability and the bell inequalities. Earman, Concepts of projectibility and the problems of induction. Ellett and Ericson, Causal laws and laws of association. Philips, Reflections on the transition from ideal to non-ideal theory. Machina, Induction and deduction revisited. Smith, On the beginning of time. van Cleve, Why a set contains its member essentially. Almog, Form and content. Book reviews. Author/title index for volume 19. 9.0" tall; 655 pages.

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