Zygon: Journal of Religion & Science, Volume 35, Number 3 (September 2000)

Softcover, Chicago: Joint Publication Board of Zygon, 2000. Fine with no dust jacket.

Sound binding. Clean, off-white pages. Wraps have very light handling wear. Contents: Peterson, God, Genes, and Cognizing Agents. Kracher, Stories and Theories: A Scientific Challenge to Theology. Helrich, Measurement and Indeterminacy in the Quantum Mechanics of Dirac. Hodgson, God's Action in the World: THe Relevance of Quantum Mechanics. Saunders, Does God Cheat at Dice? Divine Action and Quantum Possibilities. Koperski, God, Chaos, and the Quantum Dice. Goodenough, Religiopoiesis; The Sacred Depths of Nature (excerpts). Rue, Religion Generalized and Naturalized. Knight, Higher Pantheism. Clayton, Neuroscience, the Person, and God: An Emergentist Account. Zycinski, God, Freedom, and Evil: Perspectives from Religion and Science. Heller, Cosmological Singularity and the Creation of the Universe. Nelson, Ralph Burhoe and Teilhard de Chardin: An Affinity in Mysticism. Clayton, On the Value of the Panentheistic Analogy: A Response to Willem Drees. ; 9.0" tall; 251 pages.

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